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Hi. I’m Nic Shake and I’m an actor, filmmaker based in Paris, France. 

I spent my early years in Paris. It’s where my parents met, where I was born, and the place I’d come back to as an adult. At age six, I moved with my family to Los Angeles and it was there that my love for acting began.

I started my training in Hollywood, as an actor at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. 2018 marks my 20th year working as a professional actor. During that time, I’ve appeared in TV, film, commercials, and have even taken to the stage a few times. I currently continue to develop my craft under the tutelage of the coach, Celia Anne Browne. The experience of collaborating with directors, first as an actor, has inspired me to expand my own art into filmmaking. For me, it is a natural duality allowing me to wear different hats and confront different challenges. Film has become the ultimate tool for me to share personal stories from my generation. 

Having grown up not just in and around Hollywood, but also with two parents in the entertainment business; I believe wholeheartedly we are entering a renaissance of opportunity for actors of all colors and gender. The incremental changes we are seeing now will pave the way for a more diverse and equal film industry. That is a movement that I support 100%. 

My mother is Serbian. My father is Malaysian/Egyptian. I don’t look like anyone else - well, except my twin brother - and I don’t have a cookie cutter backstory. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My life is as globalized as it gets and there’s immense value in actors who share that experience. I want to be a representative of the richness that we can bring to the screen. I want to inspire a generation of audiences that see a part of themselves in people like me.